Monday, September 2, 2013


 Why can I never leave the house in the morning with just one handbag?
You have your handbag; normally alongside a canvas tote for lunch etc, then my laptop bag and sometimes I like to throw in my camera bag for good measure.
So when the lovely guys at M&S contacted me about reviewing the AW13bag collection I jumped at the chance. Especially spying this perfect bag from the Autograph collection. It was the answer to all my carrying prayers. Perfect for my laptop, purse and anything else I want to bring that day.

Here’s just a random selection that was in my bag that day.
1 - My macbook. My mum insists this is almost like another limb to my body. Yes I love my laptop and it doesn’t really leave my side.
2 - My mulberry purse. I’ve had my purse just over a year now and couldn’t be more chuffed it goes perfectly with my bag. Win!
3 - Sunglasses. A slight sunglasses addiction but Ray Bans have definitely been my selection this summer.
4 - Paperchase diary. Every year I get one because I love to keep a hard copy of all my little adventures.
5 - Perfume / Escentric molecule. I love the size of this little bottle its a perfect for my bag and perfect for a mid day top up.
6 - Lipstick. You never know where the day might take you so I always keep my subtle lipstick for topping up and a brighter red/pink handy if I fancy venturing out after work.

Purse - Muberry. - Ray Bans - Optical Express. Bag - c/o M&S.

Finally new faves I’ve had in my bag recently are my new iphone 5 and an exciting new Polaroid camera, I can’t get enough of the cute snaps it creates.

I can’t rate this bag enough for it’s perfect organised compartments and its amazing quality leather. I will most definitely be looking at Autograph/M&S again for my bags.
I hope im not the only one who carts around everything but the kitchen sink?

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