Thursday, August 15, 2013


Dress and shoes - Topshop.

The little black dress is definitely a staple in any girl’s wardrobe. I must admit I have quite a few. A recent purchase was this simple Topshop Boutique dress which plays on that silky cami trend that’s floating around lately.
When in doubt a LBD never fails. Ok, so it’s not that ‘little’ but a perfect length to wear day and night. With heels or my new loves the AladinGladiator Strap Boots from Topshop.

If your in the market to find a black dress online look no further than the aptly named website, littleblackdress. Hundreds of perfect little black dresses (and more) with well known brands like Reiss and Miss Patina you cant go wrong.

As mentioned in my previous post I was gigging it up in the rain at Kings of Leon. Oh boy, what a night. Yes it rained as predicted but they were AMAZING. Still undecided what family member is my favourite. 

Also I have an exciting competition coming on friday so what this space. Oooooo.

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