Friday, August 23, 2013

Long and Simple

Sorry, not a lot of blogging this summer and that's for a number of reasons, mostly good. Ever since I had my astrology reading, and the astrologer said, "If you were a younger woman, we'd talk about you getting pregnant, starting a family, that's what's in your chart now, but in this case, it's pregnant with possibility."

As many of you know from experience, that can be a time of concentration, focus, going inward, clarity, excitement - a time of expectancy, both literal and figurative. I do feel like there's something I'm working on conceiving, and while I don't know just what it is, whether it's a "boy" or a "girl" or maybe even twins, I'm excited and curious to find out.

Another big reason I haven't been blogging much, is that if I did, all my posts would be the same, pretty much, and that can tend to wear on a reader. So I've spared you the big, giant monkey mind I'm experiencing around my over-all preoccupation with Wil turning 18 in 10 months and three weeks, not that I'm counting.

I took Wil to the behavioral/developmental pediatrician last week for a med check. His meds are fine and don't need checking, but there's this funny little thing called a law around controlled substances, and so, in we march obediently, every four months to jump through the hoops, just so we can walk out there $150 poorer, with the exact same plan we came in with. As Woohoo says, "So, that happened."

Now, don't get me wrong, I really, really like his doctor, it's just that at this point in time, blessedly, we are fine, and there is really nothing that happens at these appointments. I think because we are fairly new to her, and she also feels like this is more of a rigamarole than anything else, she wants to offer additional services/help to us. Last week she had an intern sitting in with her, a young woman that looked all of 20 but had to be older than that, merely by the fact that she's an intern.

After glancing down at Wil's chart and noticing he'd just had his 17th birthday, in all honesty and earnestness the doctor looked at me and asked, "Have you given any thought to what will happen when Wil turns 18?"

I looked at her and the intern and said, "I think of very little else."

They giggled.

I was not joking.

I think of very little else.

I was making Wil's dinner last night, really shaking it up and heating up frozen French fries from a bag, and he said, "I've thought long and simple about what I want to be for Halloween this year. A monkey."

Grabbing a Post-It I wrote down his exact words so I wouldn't forget. I loved that he didn't say long and hard, he said long and simple." Over and over again, many times a day, I am reminded (painfully) that I make things much harder than they need to be.

Here's to a life that is both long and simple.

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