Friday, August 23, 2013


MinkPink Dress - Brit Stitch Leather samples - Finished bag by me - Ray Bans - My besties - Dahlia Dress - MinkPink King of The Jungle Dress - Hunter Wellies - Summer Sun - Urban Dress - Topshop dress - Harry and Nicci - Twinsy in Topshop - The White Pepper - Olive.

So it’s official. I’m addicted to instagram. This is nothing new, but lately I cant get enough of what everyone’s uploading, anyone else get annoyed if it doesn’t have anything new since you last looked? Yes I’ve a problem.
Just thought I’d share a whole lot of fashion snaps over the past month. If your on instagram pop over and say hi and I’ll check you out. Always on the look for new people to follow to get my fix ha
I'm off to Amsterdam tomorrow so any recommendations of things to do, leave me a comment and of course you can see all my antic's as I snap away all weekend.

It’s the last week to vote for your fave blogger in the cosmo blog awards. I will be the happiest girl in the world if my travels are made even better by winning my category. I've been shortlisted for 'best new fashion blog' which is category 4...  Competition is steep but fingers and toes crossed.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

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