Sunday, July 7, 2013


Dress - YMC. Shoes - Office. Bag - Zara. Scarf - Jo Edwards
This weekend I attended the most gorgeous wedding in Shrewsbury and wow what a weekend to have a wedding. The sun was shinning and really complimented the picturesque setting, set in a huge marquee, surrounded by rolling hills. 
I always find myself in a dilemma when it comes to deciding what to wear at weddings. This time round I spied a cute dress from YMC and the dilemma arose when I didn’t know what to wear with it. With many a colour to choose from were to begin?

The first thing I picked up was the bright bag from Zara. I love this bag and have been using it a lot even before the wedding. I say this every time but Zara are the best for bags.
Next were the dreaded shoes. They need to be comfy to wear all day but not sensible enough that I won’t wear again ha I love these tan ones from Office and I made it through the whole day/night with them on.
The biggest dilemma of them all was trying to find a jacket. Thankfully after a few failed attempts the weather decided to do me a favor and a jacket wasn’t needed. So the perfect accompaniment was a large scarf/pashmina, just to cover up slightly when in the church and in the evening when it got cooler. Thanks mum for this one!
Well thats it from me, next stop London. Stay tuned on Instagram/twitter for all the goings on.

Hope everyone had a lovely sunny weekend.

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