Thursday, July 25, 2013

Be the Altar

I had my about-once-a-year astrology reading on Wednesday. I've been going to this astrologer since 2006, which doesn't sound like a super long time, but nonetheless I feel like we've been through a lot together. It's quite an intimate relationship. I, at least, feel like "it's" all right there in front of her, no pretenses, no fancy footwork, no posing or re-framing. What she sees is what is there, written in the stars - things you know about yourself and things you don't, things you want to know about yourself, and things you don't, things you're trying to figure out about yourself and things you've got all figured out.

If you've never invested in a reading with a good astrologer, I encourage you to consider it. For me, it's intensified and accelerated therapy. Whatever it is you're pondering/struggling with/considering/moving towards or away from, after a reading you feel less cluttered, more affirmed, centered, pointed in the right direction. How can you put a price on that?

She reviewed with me my lifetime lunation cycle:

As we all know, we cycle through a darkness and light cycle each day, each month, and throughout our lifetime. It's not all in our head - there are periods where we are planting, and periods where we are harvesting, periods of ripeness and periods of being fallow. The trick is to move with the cycles, and not against them. I am two-and-a-half years away from my next summer solstice, and that's exactly what it feels like to me - there is something around the corner that is not quite ready to come up, but is just below the surface. We talked at great length about what that/those might be and what to do in preparation. We think it might have something to do with my preoccupation with the rampant intellectualism that is still mostly okay in our culture.

The other thing I wanted to look at was Wil's chart, and what is coming up for him. A year from turning 18, two years from being done with school, lots of ideas but no big plan, I was needing some astral direction. The astrologer has done Wil's chart before, and when she pulled it out this time she said, "Oh, there it is again - the Cardinal Cross  - the symbol for the oneness of all life. Is he very spiritual?"

"Very," I said.

"It's too bad he doesn't live in India - India would know what to do with a person like this. This is the chart of high spiritual teachers."

"Does he have an altar in his room? Could he be an altar server? You know what, never mind, he is the altar," she said.

I left an hour later with renewed mission in the holy work Wil has to do in this world, and my role in facilitating that.


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