Monday, June 17, 2013


Dress - Minkpink. Hat and shoes - Topshop. Bag - Zara

Do you remember that week summer came? That was fun.
I LOVE summer so it was so nice to wear pretty dresses without the usual suspects (100 denier tights or something like that) but alas that’s it gone for another year...well I hope not, due to the fact I may have bought one or two summery dresses in the heat of the moment ek.

The freaky thing about this post is, exactly this time last year I started off my blog wearing this exact dress. Not only does this mean it’s my favourite, but it also shows I do indeed need the aforementioned new dresses.
Paired with the trusty fedora and this beauty of a Zara bag… Zara have a perfect selection of summer bags and clothes for that matter.  I’ve already scooped up a couple to see which goes best with a dress I have for a wedding. It’s going to be extremely hard to return the ones which don’t make the cut.

Please do excuse the squinty eyes, the sun didn’t help the cause to my already dismal attempts to pose.

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