Sunday, June 30, 2013


Just a quick post this evening and after my chat with Lily I’ve got slight beauty fever. Which also reminds me to ask, I am on the hunt for a new foundation, something with good coverage for nights out, any recommendations?

Anyway, back to the post and some things I have been testing lately. First Origins. No beauty post seems complete without mentioning them and now I can see why.
I decided to try the hyped Intensive overnight mask and for someone with really dry skin this seems to be the ultimate item of choice, it smells amazing and really seems to combat all those problem areas.
Next up the Ultimate spot remover. I thought, as you got older those pesky spots were meant to go. Yet, as I see my birthday on the horizon (july 2nd) my skin seems to want to go against this idea. The tiny little bottle may be slightly pricey but it packs an awesome punch. Definitely kicking butt in the spot vanishing department. Something I will be getting this again.

Lastly the Nail INC collection. Usually one for a simple red nail, this cute little threesome definitely took me out of my comfort zone. Surprisingly giving really good coverage and even more surprisingly easy to remove, something I hadn’t had before from a glitter polish! My particular fave, Sugar House Lane. Such a subtle colour with just a hint of sparkle. Cant wait to try them over other colours too.

Hope you had a lovely weekend,
Fashion post headed your way tomorrow

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The 3rd installment of “What do youwant to be when you grow up?” and what a beauty it is.If you haven’t heard of ‘What I HeartToday’ ... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Lily is one of my favourite beauty bloggers and now that she's making her hobby into a career, its only natural we want to find out how!?

About Lily:

I’m a Londoner who started blogging four years ago and started making videos just over a year ago. I’ve always had an interest in anything creative but over the past few years I’ve turned into a full-on beauty junkie.

Where are you from?
I was born in London and have lived here ever since. I absolutely love it, there are endless opportunities, so many things to see and I can’t imagine ever living anywhere else.

Not only is her blog filled with beautifully photographed beauty products she also dabbles in fashion.
Describe your style?
My style is quite smart/casual. I wear Topshop skinny leigh jeans most days as they’re super tight but also comfy and then I usually wear a loose fit top or shirt and some black ankle boots. I like to accessorise my outfits with a statement necklace and usually a huge handbag. I recently bought the Michael Kors Selma bag which I LOVE! 

An interesting fact? 
This question used to be easy when no one knew my middle name was Pebbles, hmmm now what? I was in the Nickelodeon audience twice when I was younger and the memories are some of my favourite. I had the time of my life, shame I chose to wear dungarees over a white turtle neck, with a jumper tide around my waist and bright green trainers…

So where did it all begin? 
I was never that keen on the academic side of school and chose to get more involved with the creative subjects and clubs. I somehow winged my way into Uni, which is where I started my blog. 

Did you always know what you wanted to do?
Growing up I wanted to be a pop star (didn’t we all!?), then that gradually turned into wanting to work in PR. I interned my way through several London based companies before landing a job in beauty marketing. 

When and why did you decide to start a blog? 
A year and half down the line I quit my job to focus on my blog and YouTube full time. 
It’s a lot harder and full on than people think but I am SO lucky to have my hobby as my job and I love every minute of it. 

What has blogging enabled you to do? 

I recently attended the BAFTA TV Awards with MAC Cosmetics which was an amazing opportunity and I had the best time. It was nice to get all glammed up as it’s something I don’t really do that often. 

What does a normal day entail in the life of 'What I heart Today' 
I don’t really have a ‘normal day’ plan, it’s different every day which is what I like! Mondays and Fridays are my stay at home days for taking loads of photos, filming and editing for hours on end. I also use this time to write my daily posts which can take quite a while. Tuesday to Thursday I also write my blog/plan my videos but as well as this I meet PRs to hear about new product launches and often work on posts or videos with brands for their own channels. Every day and every week is different but it keeps it fun! 

What would you say to someone starting a blog?

My advice for new bloggers would be to just be yourself and don’t feel like your blog needs to be a certain way. I personally love photography so I spend quite a lot of my time on taking photos and making them look nice on the blog, but defining your writing style is also important. Don’t feel pressured and be patient, let your number of viewers grow organically.

Hope you all enjoyed my quick chat with Lily… if you haven’t already, get caught up with Lucy on her role at ASOS and Kate on setting up Nouvelle Daily

Let me know if there are any questions you’d like to know about getting that dream job or how you’ve found getting one.
Big thank you to Lily… You can find here on 'What I Heart Today' or on Youtube.


Friday, June 21, 2013


Kimono - Topshop. T-shirt - Urban Outfitters. Shorts - Levis Vintage. Shoes - Topshop. Belt - Topman

Festival season is upon us and one summer essential that seems to be big this year especially for such an event, is the kimono… Which I have aptly re named the Kim-ono.

This beauty I picked up from Topshop, it was the print that stole my heart but I do however feel slightly like a wizard/geisha when wearing it. A look i'm not 100% sure I can pull it off. (Apart from when using my new stick wand.)
When it’s not the warmer sunny clime for shorts attire, I have been finding it quite fun to pair with just simply skinnies and tees.

Like i said, its festival season and first up for me is Wireless festival in July which I am very excited about. Anyone else heading? or have you any others planned?
Fingers crossed the weather puts its sunny hat on :)

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Monday, June 17, 2013


Dress - Minkpink. Hat and shoes - Topshop. Bag - Zara

Do you remember that week summer came? That was fun.
I LOVE summer so it was so nice to wear pretty dresses without the usual suspects (100 denier tights or something like that) but alas that’s it gone for another year...well I hope not, due to the fact I may have bought one or two summery dresses in the heat of the moment ek.

The freaky thing about this post is, exactly this time last year I started off my blog wearing this exact dress. Not only does this mean it’s my favourite, but it also shows I do indeed need the aforementioned new dresses.
Paired with the trusty fedora and this beauty of a Zara bag… Zara have a perfect selection of summer bags and clothes for that matter.  I’ve already scooped up a couple to see which goes best with a dress I have for a wedding. It’s going to be extremely hard to return the ones which don’t make the cut.

Please do excuse the squinty eyes, the sun didn’t help the cause to my already dismal attempts to pose.