Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And That's the Truth with Dan Pallotta

This is a great interview with Dan Pallotta, conducted by none other than my dear friend, Terry. I watched Dan's TED Talk, and like Terry says in this interview, I, too, realized I held a common bias - that non-profits should have low overhead. If you share that bias, I would encourage you to watch his compelling arguments to the contrary.

A couple points in the interview particularly struck me, the first one being the misunderstanding that people that are gay and come out, do it once and are done with it. "Sometimes I come out four times in one week," Dan says. He gave the example of how he and his partner are raising triplets, and a cab driver recently asked him how his wife felt about having triplets. He could have side stepped it, he could have lied, but he came out to the cab driver because not only was that more authentic, it held more integrity for his family.

As a special-needs mom, I feel like my "coming out" days are increasing. I am not saying it's the same thing, don't get me wrong, but what I am saying, is it struck a chord with me when Dan said that. More and more I'm getting casual comments and questions about what my 17-year-old will be doing after high school, and more and more I'm torn between being honest, kind, full of integrity, and also self- preservation. There is just so much energy one has for this type of thing.

Dan is an accomplished man, and at one point in the interview Terry steals a famous STM line, "You're not watching enough TV, as 'they' say!" she tells him. I love that she has morphed STM into "they" and I love that she used it. STM and I use that expression a lot (I think I've even blogged about it), because there was a day (and by "day," I mean decades) where we, too, were not watching enough TV. We were doing/going/moving and shaking all the live long day.

No more.

These days we are watching plenty of TV, which brings me to another interesting point Dan made. "Look at your calendar and see what is on it that makes you excited - what are you looking forward to, and do more of that. Follow your passion."

These days, what gives me endless delight is looking at a calendar, and finding at least one day in the week that doesn't have much on it at all, and if it does, it's something like, "change the beds." Put me in my house with great music and candles, and point me towards the laundry room, and I'm a happy, contented, if not blissful, woman. Give me a day like yesterday, where I was running around from sun up to sun down, scarfing Cliff Bars in the car and calling them breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I'm, shall we say, not a happy camper.

Following your bliss isn't always blissful. I do think we make things more complicated than they need to be, however, and if you're at all interested in simplifying, here's a great list of ways to get started.

So, be inspired, be encouraged, be provoked, and enjoy the interview!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


If you follow my instagram you may have seen a few snaps from a recent trip to Amsterdam. In aid of my best friends hen, 14 girls set off on an amazing trip to the bright lights (Or red ones that is) of Amsterdam.
Definitely a place I would love to have more time in…Lots of interesting architecture and laid back attitudes.
The weather was perfect, which meant one last go at the summer dresses. I’ve been wearing this MINKPINK Helping Hand dress so much since it arrived, so I don’t know why I haven’t got it on here sooner. I’m sure it will be equally as nice with some tights and a leather jacket/bomber come the colder months. AND it's now on sale. WIN!!

Above is the beer bike we hired which took us around the sights or Amsterdam... Note: This is like a mini workout, a lot of beer is spilt and causes hysterical laughing!
Below - 3 of the beauties on the trip, Samantha, Emma and Nicci

What I wore:

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Jacket - Topshop (old). Shirt - UNIQLO.  Jeans - JBrand.  Hat - Topshop. Bag - C/o BritStitch

There’s a nip in the air and it’s making me panic. Its official, I have no warm clothes.
Hence why a lot of this outfit, if not all of it, has been featured at some point before. Apologies.
One thing that is new is this amazing custom bag from Brit-Stitch. The lovely guys over there let me test their new personalised service. Pick to your hearts desire, have a different strap, buckle, body and sides. Be warned, you could get slightly carried away. I opted for navy and pale dusky pink in the milkman style and I absolutely love it.

I slightly jumped the gun and missed my promised LFW post… oopsy. It will be up soon.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Reading

Ok, just got back home after the reading, and my head is aswirl, but I'll take a stab at telling you about it. I won't share much about my friend's reading, other than to say it went all the way back to Christ and the crucifixion. Fascinating stuff. She said my friend, Susan, and I are "twin souls," souls created at the same time, and alternating teacher/leaner roles throughout many, many lifetimes.

My reading placed me in a past life where I danced along side, Lillie Langtry, one of King Edward's mistresses. I'd never heard of Lilly Langtry until today. She lived from 1953 - 1929, which means she was still alive when my dad was a young boy, and I can bet my bottom dollar, he knew all about her.

One thing that Marie said, we tend to reincarnate with the same cluster of souls over and over, which, I believe I've written about before. Often our parents, our spouse/partner and kids, are in our soul cluster. We take on different roles and genders, being parents to our parents, and kids to our kids, etc.

If you were to walk the planet believing you've been every color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, intellectual and class level before, wouldn't you walk the planet differently? But, I digress.

I guess not only was I a dancer in the past life that came through today, but in many, many past lives. Funny, because as a kid all I wanted to do was sing and dance on Broadway. I lacked absolutely everything necessary to do such a thing, so abandoned that dream long ago, but something stirred when she said that. Maybe I'll take a dance class. In the meantime, maybe I'll just dance with a broom in my kitchen to the tunes on Pandora. She also said I could "dance" psychologically and figuratively, not just literally.

She said I didn't come into this lifetime to learn anything in particular, but to have another human experience. That was different from being "on holiday," which some souls are, meaning they are taking a "bye" this lifetime from the suffering they've endured for many lifetimes, and are just coasting along this time, before resuming samsara. Later, when I told her I thought I'd come into this incarnation to provide a way for Wil to "volunteer" as a soul to help lead us out of this mess, she agreed, and then she went on to say many lovely things about my mothering that I'm too humble to repeat. She also warned me about letting people suck me dry, and how it was essential I recharge by being 100% alone. She was singing to the choir on those points, I've learned both the hard way.

We talked about the deja vu experience, and she said it's actually our subconscious knowing what's going to happen before it happens, so when it happens, it feels like it has happened before.

I did a past life regression before, and was, apparently, the most difficult to "put under" that this man had ever experienced. That used a hypnosis method by which I was asked to pull up past life memories. I'm not saying it wasn't real or even useful, but it was a big challenge for me. This experience was different, Marie held my hands on top of her outstretched ones, across the table. We each closed our eyes, and for 10-15 minutes she "had one foot on the other side" and shared what she saw.

She said the same thing I've heard over and over again, we all have the ability to use our left brains to see/hear/know things, it's a matter of being open, practicing, trusting, and developing that skill just like any other.

Blessings on all your lifetimes.



In a flash my few days in London came and went. I didn’t even get to do half of the things I had planned, but hey ho… back in two weeks for the cosmo awards, very exciting.

I always find packing the hardest part of going to London esp with Fashion Week on the cards; of which I have an outfit post coming up in the next post, but here's a snippet of another ‘whats in my bag’ during my time in London.
This beautiful Fiorelli bag with its lock closing was perfect for filling up with the essentials, phone, camera and notebook. Lovely tan leather and a nice change from my usual black.
My iphone cover was from iconemesis - a FifiLapin design, which is super cute and reminds me of LFW with her cute over size shades. I wish it had been sunny enough to even bring mine out but alas it was only my umbrella that was needed.Along the way I was reminiscing of summer on my journey, with my fave Betty magazine.

Just before I headed to London, BIRCHBOX sent me this September edition, containing the infamous Bioderma which I have been dying to sample.

I also popped in the MODELCO party proof lipstick into my bag for my usual touch up throughout the day.

Finally here are some snaps from around the Somerset House exhibition, I was such in awe that half the time I forgot to take photos, but I made extra effort for kultdomini shoes, this gorgeous womenswear brand, that now I cant find the name of and the Newgen notebooks, which you picked your own cover and inside – I picked up Liam Fahy.
I had an amazing time and it was great to meet a few other bloggers there too. Hopefully next time I will have more time to spend there. Anyone else venture to LWF over the weekend?

Monday, September 16, 2013


I have a dear friend, Susan, and we have a karmic connection. I don't know that for a fact but it certainly feels that way.

And, we're about to find out.

Susan has an incredible house and yard. She is generous with sharing both, and is often the host of lovely, if not magical, gatherings. She hosted my book launch, and that will live in my memory forever as one of the most love-filled nights of my life.

One hot morning last week, Susan had me over for espresso in French demitasse cups, with sugar cubes that had each of our initials on them. We drank water poured from a beautiful carafe into elegant stemware. We sat under a grape arbor at the perfect little table, with a beautiful, antique table cloth, ironed within an inch of its life. One reason I believe Susan and I have karma, is I am all about the, "Nothing fancy," and she is all about the, "Let's get FANCY! Life is for LIVING!" Her joie de vivre is contagious.

We had one of those glorious two-hour conversations that felt like two minutes. One of our most favorite things to talk about is spirituality. I shared my thoughts on reincarnation, and Susan was very open, but at the same time, a bit skeptical. We talked about a couple people that have come into our lives in such big and powerful ways, some briefly, some for the long haul, but the relationship's intensity defies the confines of this lifetime. To me, it only makes sense that it's past life stuff being picked up from where it left off, old lessons that haven't quite gotten to the finish line and are presented to us for another shot at it.

Susan texted today and said, "I know I'm breaking the no-call rule, but I just have to talk to you." I called. So glad I did. Susan was unable to shake our reincarnation conversation, and did some Googling. One thing led to another, just like it always does in a universe where there are no accidents, and she found a woman here in the area (sort of), that does past life readings.

Her name is Marie Friend. FRIEND of MARY! Come on. You have to go read that blog post of hers I just linked to, it's all about children (like Wil) that do NOT come back to continue on with the unfinished lessons from past lives, they come to help heal.

Susan called Marie right up on the phone and found she had openings coming up, she mentioned her friend (me) would probably want to come too, and Marie was all about making that happen. Long story short, they couldn't settle on a day that worked and then Marie said, "Well, I know it's short notice, but I could do tomorrow." As fate would have it, we were both able to slightly juggle (way less juggling than normal), and we are GOING TOMORROW!

Right after I got off the phone with Susan, I was thinking about some of the people that have come and gone from my life, and I put on Pandora. The song that was playing was one that always makes me think of such a person.

You go ahead and tell me that was an accident.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Removing All Obstacles

"I'm going to hit you cold with something," STM said to me in mid-August, "I think we should clear our Fridays at least until Thanksgiving, and get after the To Do list. I think we should also put on the To Do list, some things that are fun. We aren't having enough fun in our lives."

STM is self-employed, and has been for fifteen years. At times this has really come in handy in terms of  flexibility, and at times it's been a giant pain-in-the-who-ha (i.e. the five years he worked in the basement when I had two not-in-school-yet kids).

Because I am highly driven by a To Do list and derive endless frustration from watching it grow, I agreed. Sad, but the "fun" part was really just a bone I threw him.

For three Fridays now, we've taken the "day" (really, it ends up being the hours between 10-2), and tried to mix a little business with pleasure. For pleasure, we've test driven a car, had lunch, and done a little shoe shopping.

As I've said, we are trying to pick out new carpet. I think we're both gun shy because the carpet we chose last time, has been such a disaster, we don't trust our choice. I've now made two trips to the carpet store with knowledgeable friend/interior designer, two by myself, and two with STM. We are all over the map. I keep coming back to something similar to what we already have, and STM wants anything but.

Part of me is so deeply invested in what we choose, it's ridiculous, and part of me is so ready to have the decision made and behind us, I'm ready to just say, "Have at it. Get whatever you want."

It's carpet.

That tension between what I want, in the small sense, and what I WANT in a global sense, is ever-present.

Before taking off to go carpet shopping with STM yesterday, I popped in on my support group that meets one Friday morning a month during the school year. We hadn't seen each other since June, and I was anxious to hear the updates. I gave mine very quickly before I had to leave, and talked about the tension between wanting to really enjoy these two years I do have, with Wil in school full time, and not piss them away with anxiety about them coming to an end. By the same token, I can't sit back on my laurels, there are things, big things, to attend to.

One reason I probably spend way too much time obsessing about the carpet, is that it's way easier to focus on that, than the decisions I really need to make, that really make a difference.

I'm doing a 21-day mediation and today's mantra was, Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha, which is intended to remove all obstacles. I got up early today and relished in the fact that Wil had spent the night with my mom, so there was no bacon to fry, no Flicka to let out, no tapping, humming, singing, hyper start to my morning. I put my headphones on and settled deep into the meditation.

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.

I was well on my way to repeating the mantra 108 times, when my phone rang. It was Wil. It was also 6:32 AM. He wanted to button down every detail of the day, and in fact, the weekend. Which mass did we want to go to? What time did we want to go to Burgerville? Could we take Mike to Mike's Drive-In and get a milkshake? Mike's name is Mike so we should take him to Mike's. What about his Halloween costume? When will it arrive? We ordered it online, so when will it be here?

I got all his questions answered, took another sip of my now not-so-hot coffee, and put the headphones back on.

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.

Wil texted. He made plans to go to the park at 9:00. He'd see me at 10:00.

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.

Wil texted again, maybe he'd be home closer to 11:00.

Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha.

Wil texted again. What time was I coming over to get Flicka for a walk?

I took off the headphones and gave up on meditating. The meditation was keeping me from being present and Wil was keeping me from meditating.

Removing all obstacles.

Monday, September 9, 2013


The school year is off and running, and not without its usual ups and downs. Somehow I always forget there will be bumps and overwhelm, exhaustion and readjustment, annoyances and redundancies, surprises good, and surprises bad. We here at the Link house, do not care so much for all that.

Wil will not wear a watch (anymore), and cannot have his cell phone on at school (totally understandable) and does not read conventional clocks easily. He carries on his person a pretty good-sized travel alarm clock, and that is his method for keeping himself on time. I triple checked that said alarm clock was in his backpack when we headed to the car. I did not see or hear him remove said alarm clock, from the backpack, and displace it in my car. I noticed only after I was back at home and stuck there, waiting to receive a package that requires a signature, that never came, and now is likely to screw up tomorrow, too, but that's another post.

Because said alarm clock was not in place, meds were not taken on time. Because meds were not taken on time, pretty much all hell broke loose. All that coupled with the surprises bad, redundancies, overwhelm, blah, blah and blah, let's just say that Beer O'Clock came early today.

Woohoo, too, is having her share of "issues," none of which are serious, but nevertheless taxing, tiring, frustrating and kind of a buzz kill. I will say this, Woohoo is at a great college, and to hear her talk about her classes and be excited about what she's learning, is a wonderful thing. STM and I went to perfectly fine colleges, but I think for at least the first two years, we simply took classes because we had to, and we just checked them off. We weren't engaged (one of mine was "taught" on television), we certainly weren't inspired, and we definitely weren't excited.

On a completely different note, I had plans to have coffee with my cousin Nancy today. In the middle of the night Saturday I sat bolt upright in bed, and realized I could not meet her for coffee, because I had to be home waiting for the package-that-never-came. Long story short, she came to me, and I invited my mom (her aunt) to join us. The three of us had a lovely time.

True confession: I hesitated having Nancy come to my house, because our carpet in the living room is so old/dirty/stained/trashed, and we are in the process of picking new carpet. Because we're so actively in this process, the existing carpet's flaws are in flashing neon to me. Nancy actually said these words to me during her visit, "Did you get new carpet?" My mom, too, seemed surprised when I mentioned to her why the samples were all up against the wall. She thought our carpet was just great.

The truth is, our carpet is not just great. Our carpet was cheap to begin with and we've put it through hell.

The truth is, our carpet is just great. To the casual observer it does what it needs to do, it covers the floor, it's warm under the feet, and with enough carefully placed furniture, it's "fine."

The truth is, so much of what is wrong, right, in need of fixing or just fine, is a matter of perspective. One (me) gets too close to the situation and looses all perspective. Sometimes the smartest thing to do is crack a beer and call it a day - a day like all days, with its highs and with its lows.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Top - c/o Glassworks. Jeans & shoes - Topshop. Bag - c/o M&S

One splash of water gives me the chance to reference the periodic table. No, I’m not getting all scientific, just addicted to Breaking Bad. Anyone else into it?

A new website made it’s way into my life recently which was a well-needed breath of fresh air from my usually go to sites. Glassworks has a whole host of amazing pieces from designer to the more affordable. I love how this simple grey top has so many little details that just make it slightly different. Worn with my trusty Joni’s (yes another colour to add to the collection) and my fave Aladdin shoes from Topshop, Oh how I wish I could have the metallic ones too.

So, I’m off to London next week for a few exciting activities. So be sure to watch twitter and instagramto stay updated.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


This is the moment I've waited nearly three months for. The moment I sit at the coffee shop with my dry cappuccino in a "for here" mug, and breathe. The moment I put my over-the-ear headphones on and with every fiber in my being, discourage conversation from well-meaning strangers. The moment I  take a vow of silence. I will not speak to another human being until I pick up Wil at 2:35 today and hear all about his day. I even crammed a long-distance phone call to a textbook company this morning at 6:30 AM, whose offices are on the East Coast, just so I wouldn't have to face that task during my "off" hours. Woohoo had a snafu with her Spanish textbooks, and long story short, I was not going to pay an additional $180 for two sets, so phone phobia be damned, those books are going back.

Yesterday Wil was especially janked up - summer went out with a bang. He was burping, farting, humming, clucking his tongue, loudly singing, playing the piano and keyboard, all day long. "I've been farting on you for three months," he announced, as though I needed the reminder.

I have a million things on my To Do list, but top of the list is: Restore Sanity. When I finish my coffee I will amble home, take Flicka on a long quiet walk, start the dishwasher, start the laundry, and relish in the sounds that the machines that make my life easier, make. They will not burp, fart, hum, sing, bang, thump their feet, or ask to be taken anywhere. They will just purr along as a backdrop to sounds my soul longs for me to hear.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

And That's The Truth

My friend Terry has her new season of "And That's the Truth" premiering today, with none other than your favorite blogger as her first guest. Some of you saw our full 33-minute interview as a sneak preview, others have seen only the trailer. You'll want to watch the whole thing and all of Terry's other great interviews throughout the seasons, which will be on each Tuesday. Terry has a wide variety of guests lined up, and nobody cuts to it quite like Ter!

To watch our interview together click here.

Monday, September 2, 2013


 Why can I never leave the house in the morning with just one handbag?
You have your handbag; normally alongside a canvas tote for lunch etc, then my laptop bag and sometimes I like to throw in my camera bag for good measure.
So when the lovely guys at M&S contacted me about reviewing the AW13bag collection I jumped at the chance. Especially spying this perfect bag from the Autograph collection. It was the answer to all my carrying prayers. Perfect for my laptop, purse and anything else I want to bring that day.

Here’s just a random selection that was in my bag that day.
1 - My macbook. My mum insists this is almost like another limb to my body. Yes I love my laptop and it doesn’t really leave my side.
2 - My mulberry purse. I’ve had my purse just over a year now and couldn’t be more chuffed it goes perfectly with my bag. Win!
3 - Sunglasses. A slight sunglasses addiction but Ray Bans have definitely been my selection this summer.
4 - Paperchase diary. Every year I get one because I love to keep a hard copy of all my little adventures.
5 - Perfume / Escentric molecule. I love the size of this little bottle its a perfect for my bag and perfect for a mid day top up.
6 - Lipstick. You never know where the day might take you so I always keep my subtle lipstick for topping up and a brighter red/pink handy if I fancy venturing out after work.

Purse - Muberry. - Ray Bans - Optical Express. Bag - c/o M&S.

Finally new faves I’ve had in my bag recently are my new iphone 5 and an exciting new Polaroid camera, I can’t get enough of the cute snaps it creates.

I can’t rate this bag enough for it’s perfect organised compartments and its amazing quality leather. I will most definitely be looking at Autograph/M&S again for my bags.
I hope im not the only one who carts around everything but the kitchen sink?

Friday, August 30, 2013



Shirt - C/O ASOS Uniqlo. 

I was super excited when ASOS FF got in touch and asked me to style this amazing piece from the Uniqlo silk range.

I am a big fan of Equipment blouses and I must say the comparison is pretty dam impressive for something almost a quarter of the price.

After styling this perfect silk blouse 5 different ways, it really shows that a classic blouse like this is essential in any girl’s wardrobe. Be sure to check out Remi's ways to wear too.

The full feature is over on their page here and the lovely silk range can be bought here.

Which look is your favourite?

Well guys it’s the last day for the cosmopolitan blog awards ekkkk and I know its annoying to keep asking to vote but it would make my trip over to the awards extra special if I won!  I will love you forever if you could go > here < and vote for me on page 4, I'd appreciate all your help so much!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Giant We

I had to get a mammogram on Wednesday. I had Wil otherwise occupied, and I squandered the first free Wil-free hours I'd had in days, and drove 30 minutes away for a mammogram, 30 minutes back, then came home and cleaned the oven. It's an exciting life I live.

When I got to the hospital where the mammogram was to take place, I had to check in with all the people getting much scarier imaging and actually, quite a few people checking in for outpatient services of all sorts. The scene was a sea of cubbies with people of all ages and sizes in various stages of the check-in process. I wasn't nervous, I've done this a million times, but as I made my way through the maze, I saw an elderly man wearing a jump suit. Now, this caught my eye because STM had an uncle known for wearing jump suits, and we have made quite a big deal out of it. STM and Wil threaten me all the time with getting matching jump suits, and have even gone so far as to go shopping for them once (coming back empty handed - jump suits are harder to find than you might think).

The man in the jump suit grabbed hold of his elderly wife's hand and they ambled slowly out of the cubby maze, and towards me. I couldn't take my eyes off of them, they were adorable, they nearly glowed with love for one another. As the man got near me he said, looking at me with rheumy eyes, "We wish you well."

I thanked him, but couldn't get him out of my mind afterwards. I was so struck not only by the jumpsuit and his kindness, but by the "we." His wife never even knew I was there - I don't think she even saw me, fully absorbed by getting checked in and then making her way out safely with the help of her husband.

Wil got a card from his grandmother for his birthday. She is not a big God person, but she knows Wil is, and so she carefully selected a card designed for a grandma to give her grandson, talking about what a blessing from God he is. She wrote at the bottom of the card, "We love you, Wil, love, Grandma and Papa."

Papa had been gone for nine months at that point.

Grandma, although she doesn't have Papa "with" her, still has Papa with her. They are still a "we."

Perhaps it is in loving like this, and being a witness to love like this, that we can see the greater "we," the fact that there is nothing that separates us all from one another.

We are all one giant we.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Your friend and mine, Kara, has another blog post for us. A lot of great things happened in 1981: The first woman was appointed to the US Supreme Court, I graduated from high school, and Kara was born! Here are some more fun facts about 1981 from Kara:

i have a book of the year i was born 1981 and i was born 1981 and my friend christi got merryed  in 1981

in 1981  i was born at 745 in the eveing  and therie was christmas trees were lit up that year  and  im a fall baby in novemberand in 1981  the milk cost 2.23 sents and coffee cost 2.25 sents and therie was presidents in 1981  ronald reagan the cars cost 7;718.00 united state postage stamp in 1981  cost 18 each and movie tickets cost 2.25 each in 1981   and bacon cost in 1981 1.45 per pound   and fresh ground hambuger cost 97 per pound   and therie is a 1981 calendar in the book of 1981  so in the book of 1981 therie  a page of personal memories  in the book   the title of the book is 1981 remember when a nostalgic look back in time 

your friend kara

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good Tired

STM is a cyclist. He never, ever calls himself that, however, he calls himself a "biker," but he is so far from the image a "biker" conjures up, let's go with cyclist. He rides hard at least three times a week, sometimes 60-70 miles, looking for hills and challenges and loves to pull up on the pedals with his special shoes, working every muscle in his legs. He comes home from this rides happy and good tired, endorphins rushing through him. He often jokes that the easiest part of his weekend, is his 60-mile, uphill ride. I never really understood that, because I am no athlete, although I am a long-time walker, and I do love the time I spend doing that, but one hour a day is enough for me.

Kathleen and I decided it was time to do the marathon again, now that we're both in our 50's. She has done it seven times, twice with me, but our last time together was when I turned 40. I'm starting to get what Stan means, or at least remember. The Portland Marathon is October 6th, so we're doing one long walk a week now until then. On Sunday, we walked 15 miles, it took us 3 hours and 20 minutes, and those 3 hours and 20 minutes were easy in comparison to what I would have been doing during those hours, had I been home. There is good tired and there is just tired. Good tired is such a different tired from the tired that comes from "doing" sometimes very little in a day, but having "conversation" after conversation about things like chocolate covered donuts with sprinkles and exactly what time we're leaving to go to "New Target."

Kathleen and I have been walking a few times a week for fourteen years. Life never fails to provide plenty of things to talk about, and  it's fun to have these long walks to get the extended version of every story. "Start at the beginning and spare no detail," we say to one another. I don't think there's a chance I'll turn into an athlete at this point. I don't even know if I'll do another marathon after this one. Going back to my one-hour-a-day walks will probably suit me just fine, but for now I'm really liking being good tired.

Friday, August 23, 2013


MinkPink Dress - Brit Stitch Leather samples - Finished bag by me - Ray Bans - My besties - Dahlia Dress - MinkPink King of The Jungle Dress - Hunter Wellies - Summer Sun - Urban Dress - Topshop dress - Harry and Nicci - Twinsy in Topshop - The White Pepper - Olive.

So it’s official. I’m addicted to instagram. This is nothing new, but lately I cant get enough of what everyone’s uploading, anyone else get annoyed if it doesn’t have anything new since you last looked? Yes I’ve a problem.
Just thought I’d share a whole lot of fashion snaps over the past month. If your on instagram pop over and say hi and I’ll check you out. Always on the look for new people to follow to get my fix ha
I'm off to Amsterdam tomorrow so any recommendations of things to do, leave me a comment and of course you can see all my antic's as I snap away all weekend.

It’s the last week to vote for your fave blogger in the cosmo blog awards. I will be the happiest girl in the world if my travels are made even better by winning my category. I've been shortlisted for 'best new fashion blog' which is category 4...  Competition is steep but fingers and toes crossed.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x

Long and Simple

Sorry, not a lot of blogging this summer and that's for a number of reasons, mostly good. Ever since I had my astrology reading, and the astrologer said, "If you were a younger woman, we'd talk about you getting pregnant, starting a family, that's what's in your chart now, but in this case, it's pregnant with possibility."

As many of you know from experience, that can be a time of concentration, focus, going inward, clarity, excitement - a time of expectancy, both literal and figurative. I do feel like there's something I'm working on conceiving, and while I don't know just what it is, whether it's a "boy" or a "girl" or maybe even twins, I'm excited and curious to find out.

Another big reason I haven't been blogging much, is that if I did, all my posts would be the same, pretty much, and that can tend to wear on a reader. So I've spared you the big, giant monkey mind I'm experiencing around my over-all preoccupation with Wil turning 18 in 10 months and three weeks, not that I'm counting.

I took Wil to the behavioral/developmental pediatrician last week for a med check. His meds are fine and don't need checking, but there's this funny little thing called a law around controlled substances, and so, in we march obediently, every four months to jump through the hoops, just so we can walk out there $150 poorer, with the exact same plan we came in with. As Woohoo says, "So, that happened."

Now, don't get me wrong, I really, really like his doctor, it's just that at this point in time, blessedly, we are fine, and there is really nothing that happens at these appointments. I think because we are fairly new to her, and she also feels like this is more of a rigamarole than anything else, she wants to offer additional services/help to us. Last week she had an intern sitting in with her, a young woman that looked all of 20 but had to be older than that, merely by the fact that she's an intern.

After glancing down at Wil's chart and noticing he'd just had his 17th birthday, in all honesty and earnestness the doctor looked at me and asked, "Have you given any thought to what will happen when Wil turns 18?"

I looked at her and the intern and said, "I think of very little else."

They giggled.

I was not joking.

I think of very little else.

I was making Wil's dinner last night, really shaking it up and heating up frozen French fries from a bag, and he said, "I've thought long and simple about what I want to be for Halloween this year. A monkey."

Grabbing a Post-It I wrote down his exact words so I wouldn't forget. I loved that he didn't say long and hard, he said long and simple." Over and over again, many times a day, I am reminded (painfully) that I make things much harder than they need to be.

Here's to a life that is both long and simple.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Just when you think you get one wedding down and another 2 pop up. Alongside perhaps the cosmo blog awards *cough cough*
What the heck to wear? so I’ve started looking to see what’s out there.

First off I may be dreaming looking around the pretty dresses at Avenue 32.. I love Carven, and this dress is no exception (1) it's too girlie and pretty for words and I'd say worth every penny. Perfect for a bomber jacket and to die for metallic shoes from Topshop (2)
I also couldn’t resist this Nina Peter minibag *dreams*

Next up a brand favourite of mine YMC, thisbeaded dress (3) is that perfect 60’s shift dress I love and featuring a multitude of colours making choices of jackets and bags your oyster. I think I would pick out the most subtle colour in the dress and go for this bright yellow jacket from Topshop (4)
What I like about going for a simple dress too, like this maxi from Bonprix (8) is being able to style it up with more bright bold accessories. (Topshop Necklace 6). With bargainious prices on maxi dresses it may mean I can afford all the pretty shoes from Russell and Bromley (7)

I'm like a magpie this season, definitely drawn to metallic's.
Where's your go to shop? Any recommendations, head them this way x

Friday, August 16, 2013


Dress: C/O MINKPINK @ URBAN OUTFITTERS. Hat and Shoes - Topshop. Bomber Jacket - French Connection.

Well it didn’t take long before another smock dress landed in my wardrobe. Be warned, I even have another in my next up coming outfit post (apologies) but I do love a good smock.
With the new MINKPINK collection arriving at Urban Outfitters, I couldn’t be more excited. Plus, with all orders over £60 being free that means the more you fill your bag the better? Right? … just me?
I think I even spied at 15% off code. Could they temp me even more?... the answer is,yes!
MINKPINK and URBAN OUTFITTERS are also having a pretty darn good competition running. All you have to do is enter HERE to win a £500 shopping spree (thats £500!!!) and joining you is the lovely Olivia from What Olivia Did… if you win, sneak me with you please.

My invite for the Cosmo Blog awards arrived today, ekkk I still cant believe it. Best start planning my visit and what to wear!! ahhhh

Hopefully all your lovely votes will make it the best trip ever!! There's still time to vote for Love Cloth on the Cosmo Blog Awards, i'm under Best New Fashion Blog and will love you forever :)
Thanks everyone who voted and got me this far x

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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Dress and shoes - Topshop.

The little black dress is definitely a staple in any girl’s wardrobe. I must admit I have quite a few. A recent purchase was this simple Topshop Boutique dress which plays on that silky cami trend that’s floating around lately.
When in doubt a LBD never fails. Ok, so it’s not that ‘little’ but a perfect length to wear day and night. With heels or my new loves the AladinGladiator Strap Boots from Topshop.

If your in the market to find a black dress online look no further than the aptly named website, littleblackdress. Hundreds of perfect little black dresses (and more) with well known brands like Reiss and Miss Patina you cant go wrong.

As mentioned in my previous post I was gigging it up in the rain at Kings of Leon. Oh boy, what a night. Yes it rained as predicted but they were AMAZING. Still undecided what family member is my favourite. 

Also I have an exciting competition coming on friday so what this space. Oooooo.